AECO Clean Seas

Superraskt Oppgjør

A film made for Conta and Easybank showing their new feature for selling invoices and getting paid immediately. 


Aurstad - Interactive presentation

Animated presentation where the user controls text and moving image seamlessly. We worked directly with the client Aurstad.

Letsip - product

Instructional animations for exercising the muscles in and around the mouth. See more at


Short animation loops made for "Miljøpakken", a campaign for travelling enviromentally friendly. Produced for "HK Reklamebyrå".

Frivillighet Norge

We worked with The Association of NGOs in Norway to make a film about some of the challenges voluntary organizations face in Norway today.

Jon Fosse Ate the Accordion

"A drama plays out between two friends. An artistic project they had together comes into question. The balance between them is unhinged and their friendship challenged." Watch the trailer for director Trygve Nielsens animated short. The film is produced by Raindog Studios.


A short film for kids about good secrets and bad secrets. Made in cooperation with SMISO Hordaland and The Norwegian Directorate of Health.

Kvelertak /// Svartmesse

Official music video for Kvelertak`s track Svartmesse. 

Sosial kompetanse

"Sosial kompetanse" - Social competence. A short film coproduced with the ad agency Havnevik for Gnist Barnehager.


Liquid motivation! Our contribution to the 2016 Minute Film Contest in Bergen.

FC EM ident

Ident we did for TV2 Sporten`s show FC EM. In addition, we provided bumpers and a huge animated studio backdrop.


An introductory film on sexuality, aimed at youths aged 13-18 years old. Made for SMISO Hordaland. 

NTF - Commercial

A commercial and three information films made for The Norwegian Tourette Association. We are glad to contribute to increased awarnes around Tourette Syndrome and enjoyed working with everyone involved. Directed by Håvard Strand.

Se the rest of the stories here.


Promo for STATUS App. Concept developed with GunFilm, art direction and animation by Ole Herigstad.

"Dagens Paaschenøtt" - ident

Ident for TV2 Sporten`s Paaschenøtter, which runs during their Tour de France coverage.

Selfdestructive Robot - teaser

Teaser for the shortfilm 'Selfdestructive Robot', directed by Trygve Nielsen and produced by Raindog Studios with funding from the Norwegian Film Institute and Western Norway Film Center.

In the director's own words: A filmatic essay that explores Freuds consept of death drive. BOOM! WIZZ! KAPOW!

AECO - Visitor's Guidelines

Informational films for tourists in the Arctic region about how to conduct safe, environmentally friendly and respectful expedition cruising. The film was commisioned by Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators and directed by Johannes Hildre Spilling.

Tussa Datasenter

A short information film for Tussa IKT to present their new data storage facility. Directed by Mikael Tabutiaux.


'Tokt' is a 7 minute film produced in collaboration with Bergen Maritime Museum, funded through the KJØL-project.

It's set in the viking age, around 800 BC, and follows a chieftain and his men on a raid from Western Norway to Scotland.

The film will be screened in full at Bergen Maritime Museum as part of their exhibition.


Ident for TV2's documentary series 'OL-drømmen'. The show follows six athletes on their way to the Olympic games in Sochi 2014. The ident is directed by Håvard Strand.

The Cowboy - in color

Trailer for a short film by director Trygve Nielsen, produced by Raindog Studios and funded by Western Norway Film Center. After it's premiere at the opening ceremony at Animation Volda 2013 this fable about the elementary particles has been touring at movie festivals around the world.

Evig Vandrar

Official music video for Kvelertak´s "Evig Vandrar", from their second album "Meir". The video premiered online on September 18th 2013. Directed by Torjus Førre Erfjord.

Check out the band here.

Volda - The place you'll never forget

Short promotional film made for the international office at Volda University College, meant to inspire potential new exhange students to study in Volda. Premiered in a special screening during Animation Volda 2013 in september. Directed by Mikael Tabutiaux.

Norad - NM i Bistand

Seven short films we made for Norad in connection with their campaign "NM i Bistand" for 2013. The films cover seven life stages of a young girl growing up in a third world country, and highlight difficulties and challenges that can be overcome if we commit the appropriate aid and effort. Directed by Torjus Førre Erfjord, music by Nils Iver Holtar.

Watch the rest of our films here.

See the campaign here.

Rockpool Hospital

Music video for Lidh's 'Rockpool Hospital'. Filmed in and around Volda, Norway, combining live action and Flash animation. Animation design by Iris Abols, animated by Iris Abols & Steven Midtgård. Produced and edited by Dave King & Carl J Nesset. Directed by Dave King. Check out the artist here.

Marine Harvest - Keep Clean

Hygiene film made in cooperation with Volda University College. The film combines live action and computer generated imagery to remind workers at Marine Harvest of the many health regulations met in day to day life at the factory. Directed by Dave King and Steinar Høydal.

Bygg og Anlegg

Recruitment film made for 'Bygg og Anleggsgruppa i Ørsta og Volda', scripted, directed and animated by Jo Aaserud. The film was commissioned for the purpose of increasing recruitment by young people to education towards the construction industry.


Short advertising film created for Idunn. Directed by Torbjørn Jahr. The assignment consisted of producing a one minute promo for Idunn, the nordic regions leading database for journals. Targeting new and old users, it’s a short introduction to what Idunn is and how it’s used.

Tippeliga Ident

Tippeligaen animated team logos for TV2, broadcast from March 25, 2012. The 16 X 5 second spots were produced by Eivind Netland at TV2, and directed by Torjus Førre Erfjord and Ole Herigstad.

Kleven HSE

HSE films for Kleven Maritime AS. 11 x shorts, between 30 seconds and 1 minute, were produced by Andres Mänd at Høgskulen i Volda, and directed by Dave King.